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The Vaping Meme Versus the Benefits of E Juice

It has become an internet meme to kind of poke fun at people who vape.  This is something that is similar to the memes that you will find about vegans and other people who discuss their daily habits quite a bit.  “We get it, you vape” tends to be the quote of the internet meme, and why it is kind of funny, it completely ignores all of the benefits that can come from vaping with e juice.  The simple fact of the matter is that a whole bunch of people have managed to quit smoking entirely by taking advantage of what vaping can do for them.  It allows smokers to get the satisfaction that only nicotine can provide for them, but it also helps them to wean themselves off of that nicotine addiction while also avoiding a lot of the other health issues that are related to smoking in the process.

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    While I love funny memes, and I definitely think that these vaping memes are funny, I also think that a lot of us need to keep in mind just how much these products have helped people.  Personally, I was probably on track to die from cancer in my fifties had I not started vaping, and the fact that I have probably added years to my life by switching my habits is something that I think I, my friends, and my family will always be grateful for.  Sure, vaping is considered to be a “hipster” sort of habit, but that does not change the fact that it is a very effective way for a smoker to live a much healthier lifestyle.

    In conclusion, next time you see one of these memes, it is okay to laugh at it, but please keep in mind that those of us who vape are on to something.