The Best Animation Movies That Grownups Will Enjoy Too

When you’re looking for a good movie to watch on a site like 123movies and you have kids, your options can sometimes feel limited. While you might want to watch the latest Liam Neeson action movie, your children want to watch something that was drawn. Luckily there are many great animation films that adults will enjoy too.


The first movie that is worth checking out is Spirited Away. This was originally a Japanese anime made by Studio Ghibli, but there is an excellent English version as well. The kids will enjoy it for the bright colors and interesting characters, while adults will be able to fully understand the surprisingly symbolic plot of the film. Nobody can stop themselves from getting a little teary when Chihiro has to say her final goodbyes.

Another great Studio Ghibli film that is worth checking out is Howl’s Moving Castle. The story of this one is as adult as a children’s movie can get while still being entertaining enough for children. It follows the main character Sophie after a curse is placed on her. She seeks help and finds the eccentric wizard Howl (voiced by Christian Bale). The story is set in England during a war between countries and there are surprisingly adult themes that the film doesn’t shy away from. This is a definite must watch for all parents.

The final entry on this list is Coraline. If you’re a fan of stop motion and creepiness, this movie will be your cup of tea. It’s similar to movies like The Corpse Bride but contains more child-like qualities to prevent children from being scared. It’s an interesting and though provoking movie for people of all ages. Be sure to check these out on 123movies!

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